Securus Technologies Proves its Worth When The Results Are In

Securus Technologies is a very large communications company that installs communications in correctional institutions, safety organizations, and law enforcement agencies. They are well known for their expertise and their enterprise approach to large, workable systems. Their primary focus is the installation and operation of systems that connect the inmates of prison systems with their families by telephone and video conferencing.


Securus current serves over 1.2 million inmates and over 3,400 different facilities. That is quite a broad spectrum of society in general and for their share of that market specifically.


Studies have shown that inmates who have the opportunity to stay in touch regularly with family and friends while they are incarcerated have a much better recidivism rate than those prisoners who lead a fairly solitary existence during their incarceration. Prisoners who can relate to the life outside of a prison facility and how it changes over time fare much better.


Inmates have access to plans that include prepaid phone service, usually paid by the family or a benefactor, collect calls, inmate paid calls, and regular monthly billing, also usually paid by the family. Video conferencing is a favorite of both families and the inmates because not only can they converse, but they can see each other too. This is just like a personal visit, yet the family saves all the driving time and inconvenience. Voicemail, email, and a money exchange feature is also available.


Securus also serves as a base for community emergency services for law enforcement and safety concerns. Securus Technology is a major player in connecting and serving these entities as in an emergency, they all have to be coordinated so there is no lack of knowledge as to what is occurring those kinds of situations. The evolvement of the need for nearly instant communication from all facets of community emergency needs is vital.