InnovaCare Health: Improving the Quality of Health in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is one of the offshore dependencies of the United States, and InnovaCare Health is known as the leading medical provider on the island. The company was established by Rick Shinto, who envisioned his firm to be one of the most reliable health providers in the country. He established a medical provider firm because he wanted to help the locals in receiving medical insurance that would cover all of their medical expenses, improving their health drastically. The company currently provides health care services, and Rick Shinto hired several individuals who have an impressive background in the field of medicine. He wanted these people to work with him because he trusts in their capabilities running the company. Penelope Kokkinides is one of the newest executives hired by Rick Shinto. She has years’ worth of experience in the medical industry, and Rick Shinto appointed her to become the company’s chief operating officer. The quality of health in the island has been affected largely by the government’s excessive debts, and Rick Shinto wanted the assistance of these people to help him provide medical assistance to the most vulnerable individuals in the island.



Adding to the woes of the locals were the effects from the devastation brought upon by Hurricane Maria. This hurricane is considered one of the most intense and strongest hurricanes on record, and it devastated the whole island, leaving communities isolated from one another, and access to healthcare difficult. According to official reports, more than 3,000 people have already died because of the lack of medical assistance. It has become a humanitarian crisis for the people of Puerto Rico, and they do not know how they can get help. Rick Shinto sent several representatives of the InnovaCare Health to Washington D.C., including Penelope Kokkinides, and asked them to speak with the Federal Government to come up with a solution regarding the territory’s growing issues regarding their access to medical services. For more info you can visit



Penelope Kokkinides held a meeting with President Donald Trump, discussing the present situation in the island. The president promised her that help would be given to the people of Puerto Rico, and the federal government will look into some ways on how medical assistance can be provided on the island. He also promised that through InnovaCare Health, several insurance programs would be given to the locals, helping them get through their issues with their health, and improving the quality of life in the island. To see more visit



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