Dick DeVos: Aiming To Help People In Whatever Way He Can

When the state of Michigan decided to start up a number of improvements within the state, many of its prominent members decided to stand up in protest. One example of this was when the city of Grand Rapids had to undergo a number of developmental programs as a result of a decision to build a stadium within its limits. The justification was that the stadium could help the city net a considerable amount of money as a result of events and sponsorships. However, what the people behind this plan failed to realize was the number of hardships that could surface as a result of this.



As soon as Dick DeVos got word of this plan, he decided to take to the city council and present them with evidence on why this would not work. In this testimony, he gave the example of the city of Detriot, which also underwent a similar plan of development. While the city was known for being one of the bigger sporting destinations, the fact is that the city had to face a number of hardships as a result of it. There were several instances wherein the stadium was not being used, and was instead left to gather dust. This then started to have a bigger impact on the financial backing of the city, which ultimately led them to experience huge losses.



Being a Michigan native, DeVos did not want this to happen to his state as well. Because of this, he convinced the city council to use this space to build a number of recreational centers that would be used on a day to day basis by the people living here.



DeVos has always wanted to work towards the betterment of the people. Right from his early days as a professional, he always tried his very best to contribute to the welfare of society as a whole. This is something that he also shared with his wife, Betsy DeVos, who together sought to change the world, one philanthropic venture at a time.



One of the most philanthropic ventures that DeVos is known for was the establishment of his own organization known as the DeVos Family Foundation. This was an NGO that was designed to be able to extend the most help and support to those in need. DeVos knew that if he wanted to help as many people as he had envisioned, this is one of the best ways in which he would be able to do so. After spending a considerable amount of time working on the development of this organization, he was finally able to extend the help that he wanted people living in the state of Michigan.



There are many more endeavors that DeVos has been trying to take on when aiming to meet this goal and all of those stand as evidence to the fact that DeVos is someone who really wants to help everyone in need.


Visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/about to learn more.


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