Nick Vertucci, Real Estate Expert and Entrepreneur

Nick Vertucci is the Company Executive Officer of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy is one of the fastest growing real-estate schools for those looking to learn this trade in the United States. As a result of his own personal success in real estate, he offers his skills and expertise to the public at his real-estate academy. The skills he has acquired throughout his experience are taught to attendees in order to benefit their start in real estate and further their individual portfolios.

During an interview with Vertucci, he spoke about the idea for his real-estate academy. He stated that the idea was sparked from his own struggle with real estate. He attended a 3-day real-estate class during his times of finical difficulties. He was transitioning businesses at the time and therefore was in need of guidance for his new real estate business venture. Once his business began to take off and flourish, he then realized his knowledge acquired through real life experience would be beneficial to others beginning their real-estate career in the market. He began administering his advice through his own radio talk show called “The Real Estate Investing Hour.”

Following his success on radio, he initiated his academy in 2014. He set out to accomplish his goal of providing the highest quality of real estate training currently offered in the market. During a typical work day for Nick Vertucci, he focuses on the things that will drive his business upward and help him reach his goals. He stated that he does not put his attention towards the small and intricate details of business regarding personal minutia. Vertucci stated he strongly believes in the idea of executing an idea and putting in place a proper plan to successfully accomplish that goal.

Strategic advice he offers regarding the blueprint for success have been taken and used across the country during his highly informative real-estate academy. Vertucci says that most people do not actually believe that they are capable of succeeding. They allow their fears of failure to control their mindset. He believes in firmly trusting yourself and working hard to maintain confidence within yourself and your efforts. Nick Vertucci has kept a constant theme of success within his real-estate business and has taught many to create the same reality.

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