Ryan Seacrest: Not Just Another Entertainment Personality

Ryan Seacrest is set to return to American Idol as the shows host now that it has been renewed on ABC. He began as the show’s co0host in 2002 when it first aired on Fox. In 2009 he was one fo the highest paid television hosts after signing a $45 million contract. Ryan Seacrest’s claim to fame does not end there. 2004 led to Ryan Seacrest becoming the new host of the American Top 40. The weekly countdown show that was originally hosted by Casey Kasem. The Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve show, became a new edition to Ryan Seacrest’s accomplishments. In 2013 he signed a multi-year contract to host and be an executive producer of the show. This happened after the death of Dick Clark. Although Ryan Seacrest had been a host for 13 years on the show when he signed the contract. After working as a guest co-host for Live With Kelly, Ryan became a permanent host on the show. Live With Kelly and Ryan came into effect in 2017 when her co-host Michael left for another show. The morning show has been a fixture on television since the year 1983.

Though Ryan Seacrest has worked his way up through the ranks of radio and television, he also has developed a non-profit organization. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation was created alongside his sister and parents to help children who are in the hospital or visiting the hospital. He has a goal to not only raise the spirits of children who are hospitalized but to offer them experiences of meeting entertainment stars and getting to use state-of-the-art TV/radio studios. As an entrepreneur Ryan has not only developed studios and his own media company but he also has developed his own clothing line. Ryan Seacrest Distinction is a line that is only available at Macy’s. This launched in 2014 and includes suits, ties, sports coats, and jewelry. Ryan Seacrest is an individual that will continue to be seen and heard. From hosting television morning shows to nighttime reality TV Seacrest will be a household name. His foundation will further his list of accomplishments.

Find out more about Ryan Seacrest: https://www.facebook.com/ryanseacrest/

Guilherme Paulus, The Internationally Acclaimed Entrepreneur

Guilherme Paulus is a Brazilian hotelier and international entrepreneur. He has won many awards and honorary titles including the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Paulus is among the most prominent people in the Brazilian tourism industry who has revolutionized it and put it on the global map.

He has reached the Forbes Billionaires list with a net worth of over $1.9 billion. Paulus is the co-founder of a prestigious tour operator CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens. His company’s revenue is $5.2billion and continues to grow rapidly every year.

Guilherme Paulus began his career as an intern for IBM and rose to become a renowned entrepreneur and hotelier. He studied business administration in college and created a career in tourism. In 1972, Paulus co-founded the CVC tour company in Sao Paulo. His co-partner –Carlos Vicente Cerchiari- was a Brazilian politician who quit the partnership four years later. Later, Paulus started the GJP Hotels and Resorts group that currently operate more than 20 hotels and resorts and provide employment opportunities to over 50,000 people.

Under the leadership of Guilherme Paulus, CVC has experienced tremendous growth to become Latin America’s biggest tour operator. Paulus saw the small travel agency in Sao Paulo grow to what it is today. CVC`s success lies in Paulus’ ability to innovate and design a portfolio of travel packages. In 2009, Paulus sold part of his company to the Carlyle Group. Over the years, Paulus has developed a sound reputation in the international business world due to his drive, ambition, and willingness to serve others. He has received various awards and honorary titles both locally and internationally. In 2012, the French government recognized him as a significant tourism developer across France. In Brazil, the magazine “Viagem e Turismo of Editora Abril” bestowed him the Personality of the Year award. In addition to these awards, Paulus is a member of the National Tourism Council.

Even though Guilherme Paulus is a prestigious entrepreneur, he values social accountability. CVC regularly participates in noble causes with a focus of giving back to the society. For instance, it provides educational opportunities to needy youths who would like to pursue tourism. CVC supports Dr. Klaide and Education Institution that helps impoverished adolescents by providing psychological counseling sessions and medical care.

Growth and Expansion of OSI Industries

OSI Group continues to enjoy tremendous growth since its inception over 30 years ago. Establishment of dynamic partnerships has enabled the company to be profitable over the years. In line with the vision of OSI, which is to meet and exceed customer satisfaction, the management ensures high-quality standards are followed in the production process for the benefit of the customers. OSI Group is looking on ways to expand its activities to have a global presence and serve many customers.In August 2016, OSI Group purchased controlling stock in Baho Food. Baho Food has processing plants in Germany and the Netherlands and has five subsidies. Flagship Europe was also acquired in 2016 to take over the company’s production of frozen poultry, pies and condiments. OSI has a diverse range of products and services and the main focus now is to increase production and sales.

OSI industries also purchased a company named Tyson Foods, which was about to be closed down due to increased production costs. The purchase of this production plant enabled many employees to retain their jobs, which would have been lost had the company shut down.The success of OSI Group in food production over the years can be attributed to the company’s careful product development, marketing strategies and the ability to create valuable partnerships. OSI Industries carefully studies the needs and requirements of the market before heavily investing its resources. OSI Group’s secret to remain innovative food provider is the ability of the company to adapt to changing business environment and paying attention to the needs of the customers.

The use of modern technology in manufacturing facilities has also been important in its expansion process. X-ray equipment and metal detectors are often used in OSI Industries to detect foreign materials and eliminate them during the production process. The measures OSI Industries take to ensure high quality production has made the company to maintain its position in the international market. In November 2016, OSI Industries won a prestigious Globe of Honor Award for its exemplary management of environmental risks. The award, which was presented by the British Safety Council is usually awarded to outstanding global organizations that demonstrate excellence in environmental management.