Edwin Miranda, the Face behind KOI IXS Continued Success

Technology is an ever-changing landscape. Participants in this field are known to be out of the box thinkers with a passion for the field. One person stands out in this analysis of individuals in this field, Edwin Miranda. He is KOI IXS’s CEO.

Edwin Miranda’s prowess in digital marketing, real estate marketing, advertising consulting, social media marketing, and brand marketing are some of the knowledge aspects that help KOI IXS in its endeavor to become a reputable brand. Edwin has held the position of CEO from 1994 to date.

Edwin’s business skills and understanding of the market are credited from the years he has been serving within companies in various fields. In 1993, he was the VP Sales, Technology Solutions, Process Improvement, and Business Development at Angelo Medina Entertainment. He served in that capacity for a year since 1993. While at Angelo Medina Entertainment, he held the position of VP Business Development and Account Management in Natcom Global.

Here he served in the VP position for two years from 1991 to 1993. In January 2017, Edwin joined iCrossing in Puerto Rico as the company’s president, a position he held until December of the same year.

Edwin Miranda indeed brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the KOI IXS brand. Edwin graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Sloan School of Management with an executive certificate in Innovation and Strategy. The executive program from the institution offers training on social media analytics, digital communication, and digital marketing.

Edwin hold s a Bachelor of Business Administration, Business Administration and Marketing degree from the Interamerican University of PR. He graduated from the institution in 1995.

In Puerto Rico, Edwin Miranda is known as a grandfather and a mentor among several kids in El Hogar del Nino. The man has carved out a reputation of being an all-rounded business executive who inspires and motivates individuals to achieve their dreams.

How JD.Com Partners With Hasbro and Paramount to Release Bumblebee Movie

JD .com is a substantial retailer in China. It partnered with Hasbro and Paramount Pictures to release and celebrate Bumblebee. Hasbro is a global play and entertainment company while Bumblebee is a Transformers movie in Chinese.

The Movie

Since 1987, Bumblebee sought refuge in a small beach town in California, Hailee Steinfeld, who stars as Charlie, turns eighteen years old. She then tries to identify her position in the world. After discovering Bumblebee, she is battle-scarred and broken. Later, Charlie revives him and learns that it is an unusual yellow VW bug. In 2017, JD.com established first partnership with the Transformers franchise. They released MISSION RED that starred Red Knight and Optimus Prime.

JingDong acted as a unique character. He was determined to protect the fuel source in energon through fighting with the enemies. This year, they plan to hold celebrations that will be accompanied by various three mini shorts. They would feature Panasonic and the HLA, a menswear brand in China. Besides, the partners revive Red Knight by holding an active Transformers. The movie was released in December 2018 and is available at the JD.com.

JD .com

Moreover, JingDong launched an excellent Bumblebee sales promotion that coincided with its premiere in January in China. It has more than 300 million customers, and during the development they purchased the movie-based merchandise. Furthermore, they outfitted many delivery boxes and delivery vans across China. They attracted customers by customizing the movie’s themes and designs. As a massive online retailer in China, JD.com is also the country’s biggest internet retailer.

It is the best company because it has upgraded the standards of online shopping in the world. They range from commitment, authenticity, and quality. Besides, it has large products that cover almost everything. They include fresh food, cosmetics, electronics, and apparel. Nationwide, it provides a fulfillment network that covers a population of more than 0ne billion. Jingdong states that their success depends on a timely and reliable fulfillment of the customers’ needs.


Furthermore, he says that he believes his company has the best infrastructure of any e-commerce company in the country. As of December, JingDong says they operated various warehouses and delivery stations. JD.com has invested in technology to develop an immense technology.

For details: www.marketwatch.com/investing/stock/jd

Getting Financial Help When There Is No Hope With Equities First Holdings

There are many people who believe that finding help financially is out of their scope of practice. In fact, almost ninety-eight percent of our society is having financial difficulties, and options to save them are limited. However, when it comes to an honest and trustworthy business, Equities First Holding has taken the leap in order to help all the people in need. When there seems to be no hope, they come in first to make a difference and make a change in everyday people’s lives. With new and innovative options to obtain loans and financial help, they have been found to be a success. They offer multiple ways to obtain help and have an effective way of changing lives. Everyone that looks towards the company for help is almost automatically accepted with their easy application process. Therefore, take the time now to see what options can be available for you and your family; you will not regret the decision to take the plunge into getting help.

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