CEO Randal Nardone’s Background In Both Law And Finance Is Of Great Value To Fortress Investment Group

Although he previously knew the most about law, it was ultimately finance that took Randal Nardone on a great professional journey. He was involved in the co-founding of a renowned investment firm in 1998, and today that firm, Fortress Investment Group, is many times larger than it was early on. This company’s rise is responsible for Mr. Nardone finding himself with ten figures to his name, something that Forbes took notice of when putting together its prestigious and greatly anticipated billionaires list. Randal Nardone, it would seem, has exactly what is necessary to lead an organization to greatness, as he has been quite active in the leadership of Fortress Investment Group throughout the duration of its upward long-term climb. For more information about Randal Nardone, view his Crunchbase profile.

Efficient and consistent work is what has put Randal Nardone so far above the majority of his industry peers when it comes to the other leaders of investment firms. His previous experience proved to be immensely appreciated by Fortress Investment Group, and this experience came in both the field of law and also the field of finance. Accepting Softbank’s acquisition offer was one of the highlights of his time as CEO, and this was a deal worth upwards of $3 billion. Many new and unique international opportunities will now be available to Fortress Investment Group, since Softbank is actually an Asian company with headquarters in Japan. The leadership and daily activities of Nardone’s organization, however, will remain as they currently are because they have been producing such great results up to this point.

Being the CEO of a group that must successfully manage dozens of billions of dollars for clients must be a strenuous and demanding professional position to be in, But Randal Nardone is handling these responsibilities seemingly with ease. 2012 saw Fortress Investment Group honored for its excellence as a macro-focused top hedge fund, and the two previous years saw this same organization named the year’s best credit-focused hedge fund. Having only been CEO for around 6 years, Randal Nardone likely still has his best years with Fortress Investment Group ahead of him, and he looks forward to both his and the organization’s futures.

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Genucel Products by Chamonix Fight the Aging Process

Aging is an inevitable process, and there is nothing we can do about it. But you can use products such as Genucel by Chamonix that will help you to age much more gracefully. In fact, if you use their products you can drastically reduce the signs of aging and also help to heal your skin in the process.

There are seemingly limitless products on the market that promise to make you look younger, but not all of them work or at least they do not work as well as Genucel products.

When you age, there are a number of things that happen. The skin will become much thinner and even become transparent, and there is significant cell damage that occurs. Your skin also loses its elasticity and can even begin to sag and droop. This happens around the jawline and the eyes. This can tack ion years to your appearance and make you look older than you really are.

As we age, our skin tends to show aging through puffiness, bags, fine lines, and wrinkles but products such as Genucel help to repair the elasticity of the skin which helps to firm everything up an to reduce the signs of aging.

Genucel products contain ingredients such as tetrapeptides that help to reduce swelling and PhytoCellTec which helps your skin to rejuvenate much more quickly and to strengthen the fibers of the skin. Genucel products do not temporarily make the skin look better, but they actually repair the skin.

The Genucel is a very popular product, and it includes four powerful anti-aging products as well as an extra gift. It is known for delivering results in as few as five minutes, and Genucel XV is another great product for fighting wrinkles.

Genucel offers an alternative to plastic surgery and is non-invasive. There is also no downtime since there is no surgery required to look more youthful and there are no side effects that often come with having plastic surgery done. Using Genucel products is also much less expensive than having a plastic surgery procedure done.

In addition to using Genucel products, it is also extremely important to live a healthy lifestyle in order to get the best results. That means that you should refrain from activities such as smoking and you should also have a good diet and get plenty of exercise. If you do this, you will get the best results. To know more about Genucel visit LinkedIn.


Alex Hern Tackles Instagram’s Recent Policy Updates

In a published article authored for The Guardian, British editor Alex Hern debates Instagram’s most recent set of necessary regulations. In a social campaign to properly protect its concerned viewers, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri asked for stricter measures to better prevent young users from being inadvertently exposed to the graphic media.

Previously, Instagram relied on viewer discretion, privacy settings, and specific algorithms to strict crude and abusive. Instagram, who has grown increasingly popular of the years, has most likely relied on the user community to report graphic media. Alex Hern said, in 2017 influenced by content posted on Instagram, a 14-year-old girl participated in self-harming practices and ultimately committed suicide.

However, it was not until a young person invariably lost her life that the Social Media outlet began carefully to reconsider its current policies. Alex Hern believes the unfortunate incident inevitably led to much harsh Social Media criticism, and acrimonious discussions about how Instagram could better serve its young users. Expert Alex Hern says, these new policies would control current and future individual content uses a specially designed algorithm. Just recently, Instagram updated its complex algorithm to include censoring and flagged questionable media content before it is made public to other susceptible users.

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The Significant Experiences of Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen was born in the mid-1940s in Brazil. In the 1960s, he went to study engineering at the Federal University of Parana. After studying engineering for a one year, Igor switched to economics at the same University. After his graduation, he was employed in an investment bank where there were no machines to do calculations, but he managed to work due to his great capability.

He made significant achievements and was highly recognized and hence got an opportunity to work as an investment banker. He performed well and got promoted to the Board of directors and later to the post of a CEO. He then left to follow other chances. He worked with several other banks and lending firms where he continued to show his exemplary expertise.

Igor Cornelsen got his first salary in US dollars at the Libra Bank in London. This also allowed him to explore greater investment opportunity. He later moved to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank together with his colleagues in London. He continued being a prosperous member of the board for the time he was there.

Through his experience as an investment banker, Igor Cornelsen managed to found his investment company. He oversees the firm and also supports its fund operations every time. He is an open-minded person who readily listens to other people and incorporates their views.

Igor Cornelsen believes that to be successful. One has to study a lot of information and never be intimidated by the opinion of others. This is because he thinks it is better to make up facts other than filling up one’s mind with views. He calls for people to look at the world as a whole and not just its small parts. He believes that being open to change as one of the significant steps to succeed in the modern world.

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Alex Hern And His Business Success

Alex Hern is a businessman that is expanding his business success from just helping companies get off the ground to using technology wisely in order to increase productivity, and break down borders so that companies don’t have to travel all the time. Because Alex is already a virtual reality expert he is able to explain why that can be such a useful tool to any company that has to talk with each other or clients on a regular basis.

Alex Hern says to all of his clients that virtual reality in the workplace is nothing new as it has been used for training for years. But immersive virtual reality is only just now becoming possible and allows people to communicate in a completely different way than before. With the current virtual reality, people can meet online in a virtual meeting or actually communicate as if they really are face to face with each other.

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Jose AuriemoNeto- Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of JHSF

Jose AuriemoNeto is an accomplished real estate investor in Brazil. He is the CEO of JHSF real estate development company. This company was established in 1972 as a construction company by two brothers, one being the father of the current CEO. In 1990, JHSF was incorporated and split up into. Fabio Auriemo decided to create a real estate company. In 1993, he invited his son Jose AuriemoNeto to join the management. In 1997, Jose AuriemoNeto was behind a parking lot management company that was are running under JHSF. A few years later, he was left in charge of the company by his father, and under his excellent leadership, the company grew into a leading firm in the real estate sector.

Today, JHSF specializes in the development of high-end residential and commercial real estate projects. They are actively involved in the development of hotels and restaurants, office buildings, airports, and shopping malls. Jose AuriemoNeto proved his expertise abilities to run a business after he established a service department in 1997. In 1988, he went ahead to secure rights to construct the first shopping center. As soon as he had permission to develop a shopping mall, he engaged in the process of creating Shopping Metro Santa Cruz, the first shopping mall in Brazil. Today, JHSF has four major shopping centers in the largest cities of Brazil.

There is Shopping Bella Vista, Shopping CidadeJardim, Shopping Ponta Negra, and Caterina Fashion Outlet. JHSF under the leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto is also involved in the development of executive airports. In 2016, JHSF was part of the companies that developed an executive airport in Sao Paulo. The company is currently going beyond the borders and setting up real estate development projects in New York and Uruguay. Jose AuriemoNeto seems to be looking into the international market for future growth of the company. Under his leadership, JHSF has grown into the biggest and one of the most successful real estate companies in Brazil. Going into the future, he is keen to embrace partnership with top international brands that will create more profits for the company.


Betsy DeVos Continues To Serve As A Leader In The Fight To Give Americans Freedom Of Educational Choice

Throughout history, education has been a difficult and polarizing topic for Americans. However, one thing is true. Most families just want to send their kids to a good school. What qualifies a school to be considered an “A” institution? How are some kids able to go to schools outside of their zones? As the new US Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos has fielded many questions about the state of education and what she believes is best for the American student.


For many decades, America’s schools were caught in a limbo of reform policies. First, standardized testing tried to bring student’s reading and math levels up, while also penalizing schools for poor test scores. Then, there was the “No Child Left Behind” policies of the Bush administration. Finally, Common Core Method was introduced during the Obama administration.


Betsy DeVos has had to fight a lot of red tape and poor administrative rulings on education during her time in office. It has only been a little bit over a year, but already, she has been criticized for her push for educational choice. DeVos believes that it is the one thing that can help America’s students feel good about going to school again, especially when there are so many failing schools. However, DeVos doesn’t get into the topic of how to improve failing schools. Instead, she focuses on what needs to help students right now.


For her, that’s always been educational choice. With these programs, students have more options than just the schools where they are zoned for. This includes schools that have major problems and continuously lose funding for poor test scores. While DeVos knows these issues are problematic, she contends that students receive more help from philanthropy and educational choice.


Students in Florida, for example, can choose between a variety of programs, including magnet schools, private schools, charter schools, homeschooling programs, and virtual schools. In addition, students can apply and receive a tuition-based scholarship. Students must still apply and get into a school before receiving eligibility for the scholarship program.


DeVos thanks her donors for helping the educational reform movement. While many have said that she is not qualified for the position, DeVos has worked hard over many decades to become an education reform leader, working with the Republican Party in Michigan to change legislation. She introduced the “Kids First!” Coalition bill in Michigan in the early 2000s. However, becoming US Education Secretary has been the greatest achievement yet.


For the next two years, DeVos will be working with state education leaders to introduce more educational options in other states, as well as new school safety reforms to prevent gun violence on public school campuses.


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Michael Nierenberg: Creating a 21st-Century Company

As companies move forward over the decades, they will be faced with issues perhaps more challenging than they ever expected. From incorporating new technology into their operations, increased competition from foreign companies, and the continuing race to hire the best and brightest, these challenges will make the jobs of many company executives quite difficult. However, for modern business executives such as Michael Nierenberg, the challenge of creating and maintaining a 21st-century company is exciting.

Based on his many years of experience at such financial services companies as Bank of America, JP Morgan, and Merrill Lynch, Michael Nierenberg knows the many challenges that await corporate executives on a daily basis. In his current executive position with New Residential Investment Corporation as its CEO, President, and Chairman of the Board, he deals with many changes on a daily basis. These often involve working with other executives and clients on such issues as how to implement global marketing strategies around the world, which types of technology should be invested in to keep the company growing, and what it will take to continue attracting top-level talent to the company in various areas.

In constantly attempting to work hard in order to keep up with the latest trends, Michael Nierenberg relies on not only the skills and abilities he learned while at many other companies, but also his ability and willingness to explore new ideas and trends within financial services. For example, with more and more clients wanting to deal only with companies that demonstrate an ability to use the latest state-of-the-art technology, Michael Nierenberg has made it his mission to ensure New Residential is always ahead of the competition regarding the use of new technology.

By continuing to work hard to stay ahead of its competitors, New Residential and Michael Nierenberg will be hard to overtake for the top spot in the financial services industry. As a result, he will be found in one meeting after another with executives and clients, making sure he knows not only their concerns, but also takes their advice to heart and uses it in the best possible ways.

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How People are Making Money with Organo Gold Coffee

There are many ways to make money in life, but now people are making money with Organo Gold Coffee. The coffee is among many brands that are being sold through direct sales, and it touts numerous health benefits as well. What is it about this coffee that makes it so unique that you can make money by selling it?

Organo Gold, known as a healthy brand of coffee, has been on the market since 2008 and was founded by Bernardo Chua. The company continued to experience tremendous growth as more individuals began to reach for this instant healthy coffee. After two years, the company had brought in more than $35 million with 60,000 distributors around the world. Only two more years later and the company was bringing in more than $150 million with nearly 175,000 distributors around the world.

The next few years also proved to be strong for further growth, with the company bringing in more than $300 million and counting. The company isn’t grown just by coffee alone, but they also offer tea, nutritional supplements, and nutraceuticals like the foundation of the product; Ganoderma Lucidum Mycelium. The Ganoderma is where part of the name of the company was born from. Thus it was named Organo Gold.

Although many companies often portray making a lot of money by “getting in now”, the truth is people are making money with Organo Gold because they are building a business. This is to say that the business is not product focused, but it is focused on growing a business by finding individuals who want to build their own business as well.

There are people making money with Organo Gold, but there are also individuals who are not making money with the company. Every individual determines their own results with the time they choose to put into their business.

Felipe Montoro Jens Covers Governors Meeting with the BID

Last year in March, Felipe Montoro Jens covered a meeting that took place in Mendoza, Argentina that hosted the Governors Meeting with the BID (In Brazil it stands for: Banco Interamericano de Desenvolvimento). Holding the position of Planning Minister and Management Development, Dyogo Oliveira has also lobbied for increased private investments in Brazil’s infrastructure. Dyogo Oliveira has high hopes that the BID will direct efforts to research about more efficient and better solutions pertaining to risk management projects in order to increase private investments in Brazil.

Located in Argentina, the minister of Finances, Luis Caputo, alongside the bank’s Governor Assembly, both agree that the BID needs to advocate for private investments. In addition to this, Felipe Montoro Jens has also received information that Spain’s Economy Secretary of State has Brazil as its primary country to invest in.

In order for Brazil’s fourth industrial revolution to become reality, it is imperative that the BID not only invest in freeways and highways, but diversify in other kinds of transportation infrastructure. It seems that the fourth industrial revolution could be around the corner, according to Dyogo Oliveira.

As Felipe Montoro Jens sees it, Luis Alberto Moreno, president at the BID, feels that converging infrastructure is a core requirement so that industries can reach further development and hold the ability to sustain social demands that are on the up-rise. Moreno believes that this kind of development is just as important as providing equal opportunity and ensuring environmental sustainability throughout the implementation process.

Dyogo Oliveira is a firm believer that PPPs, which stands for Private and Public Partnerships, are an essential part of successful public construction developments in the mission of increasing infrastructure and other development programs throughout Brazil.

PPPs are commonplace in the Caribbean and in many Latin American countries. Approximately one thousand PPP projects for investment projects in Latin America, which account for US$ 360 billion have been developed over the last decade. Attracting private capital has been the main obstacle for most projects and developments. The BID has been the main growing resource for these projects with increased loans of over 20% in the last 2 years in Brazil alone, as Felipe Montoro Jens reports. Learn more: