Felipe Montoro Jens Covers Governors Meeting with the BID

Last year in March, Felipe Montoro Jens covered a meeting that took place in Mendoza, Argentina that hosted the Governors Meeting with the BID (In Brazil it stands for: Banco Interamericano de Desenvolvimento). Holding the position of Planning Minister and Management Development, Dyogo Oliveira has also lobbied for increased private investments in Brazil’s infrastructure. Dyogo Oliveira has high hopes that the BID will direct efforts to research about more efficient and better solutions pertaining to risk management projects in order to increase private investments in Brazil.

Located in Argentina, the minister of Finances, Luis Caputo, alongside the bank’s Governor Assembly, both agree that the BID needs to advocate for private investments. In addition to this, Felipe Montoro Jens has also received information that Spain’s Economy Secretary of State has Brazil as its primary country to invest in.

In order for Brazil’s fourth industrial revolution to become reality, it is imperative that the BID not only invest in freeways and highways, but diversify in other kinds of transportation infrastructure. It seems that the fourth industrial revolution could be around the corner, according to Dyogo Oliveira.

As Felipe Montoro Jens sees it, Luis Alberto Moreno, president at the BID, feels that converging infrastructure is a core requirement so that industries can reach further development and hold the ability to sustain social demands that are on the up-rise. Moreno believes that this kind of development is just as important as providing equal opportunity and ensuring environmental sustainability throughout the implementation process.

Dyogo Oliveira is a firm believer that PPPs, which stands for Private and Public Partnerships, are an essential part of successful public construction developments in the mission of increasing infrastructure and other development programs throughout Brazil.

PPPs are commonplace in the Caribbean and in many Latin American countries. Approximately one thousand PPP projects for investment projects in Latin America, which account for US$ 360 billion have been developed over the last decade. Attracting private capital has been the main obstacle for most projects and developments. The BID has been the main growing resource for these projects with increased loans of over 20% in the last 2 years in Brazil alone, as Felipe Montoro Jens reports. Learn more: http://www.consultasocio.com/q/sa/felipe-montoro-jens


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