About Neurocore and the Brain Training Centers

The human body comprises of very many organs that perform different functions. Well, the brain is one of the primary organs that play a significant role in the body. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Background Information

The brain is made up of neurons. These neurons allow us to feel, think, process information, and function. With that said, the neurons make use of chemical signals that in turn enable them to regulate the electrical activity within the brain.

Over the years, scientists have also expressed an interest in trying to understand how the brain functions as well as its capabilities. Scientists have come up with EEG technology, neurofeedback, and brain mapping in pursuit of trying to understand how the brain functions. Researchers have also been documenting their findings over the years. With that said, organizations such as Neurocore have been making use of techniques such as neurofeedback to treat mental ailments such as Depression, ADHD, Anxiety, and ASD.

About Neurocore

Neurocore was founded in 2004. The organization has numerous Brain Performance Centers that specialize in the provision of data-oriented, brain-based assessments, and brain training programs to both children and adults.

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Neurocore makes use of qEEG, EEG technology, and neurofeedback to treat mental disorders. The organization makes use of neurofeedback as well as a specific type of biofeedback known as HRV (heart rate variability) training. This technique involves training your brain by regulating your breathing patterns through the use of therapeutic breathing methods. With that said, the patients at Neurocore are able to strengthen the connection between their body and mind.

Additional Information

Neurocore has been operational for fourteen years now. The organization has also expanded their base of operation over the years. With that said, the company is operational in areas such as Florida and Michigan where they established eight brain performance centers. Far from that, athletes have been making good use of the neurofeedback services offered by Neurocore as part of their training routines.


The Neurocore Brain Performance Centers have been doing a commendable job in helping people to train their brains. As of now, Neurocore is among the organizations that are looking into psychological factors such as the different effects of rewards and experimental instructions on neurofeedback. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Juan Perez Thirst for Change in the Sports and Music Sector

The United States’ power family in the states’ music industry recently took the world by surprise when they released their album EVERYTHING IS LOVE. When the album was exclusively released on Tidal some months ago, it was received with a lot of enthusiasm by millions of fans who have been loyal to both Beyoncé and Jay for years. In the album, the power couple emphasized their love and appreciation to all friends who have always had their backs for decades. In most of the songs in the ‘Everything is Love’ album, Jay Z was able to give a big shout out to all his friends who have had his back from the time he was entering the music industry to date.

Among the friends that Jay Z thanked most in his songs is Juan Perez who has been close friends with him since 1996. Juan Perez was introduced to Jay Z by Kareem “Biggs” Burke who started the now outdated Roc-A-Fella. When the two met, their passion for New York City sports and music strengthen their relationship. Juan Perez has made a lot of investments with the hip-hop king, Jay Z, ever since they met. In one of the interviews the Roc Nation president, Juan Perez, pointed out that his friendship with Jay Z became stringer when they realized that they were both determined to make a positive impact on the New York City’s sports and music department.

According to the two friends, music and sports were the same in various ways and if the two were brought together then some major changes shall be witnessed. Determined to see dreams through Jay Z and Juan Perez collaborated to start Roc Nation which was going to support all musicians and sportsmen in New York City. Under the leadership of the ambitious and hardworking Juan Perez, Roc Nation has assisted a lot of athletes in New York by providing them all the resources and motivations they need in order to achieve great things in the world of athletics. The Roc Nation as also is able to advocate for the rights and interests of artists especially those in the music industry for a long time.

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Talos Energy; Redefining Oil and Gas Exploration

Talos Energy is a Houston based company that specializes in offshore exploration and oil production. Despite having a few years of operation in the oil and gas industry, since its inception in 2012, the firm has grown tremendously to a capacity of creating employment for 93 employees currently. Talos is dedicated to protecting employee rights as well as offering conducive work contracts to raise their standards of living.

With the urge to continue expanding its territories in the industry, Talos Energy became the first American oil and gas company to come into an alliance with Mexico’s oil and gas sector under the new reforms launched in 2013. Pemex established an agreement with Talos Energy to jointly operate on the oil fields Amoca-Yaxche-03 and block 7 for two years if the contracts do not change terms.

The contract allows both parties to share any information developing or relating to Zama discovery. Both firms are expected to invest equal shares of human resources, technological resources and defining the limits of activities by both companies to optimize research and production. This remarkable alliance will go into Mexico’s oil history as one of the significant signs of progress and achievements.

In other news, Talos Energy recently completed the legal acquisition over related company Whistler Energy II settled over a $ 52 million transaction cost. The purchase included transfer on ownership of the production facilities with unutilized capacities and new data to be employed in the field study and research of potentially rich drilling sites with product assets. In the agreement, the acquired assets listed three blocks located at the central Gulf of Mexico namely; Green Canyon Block 60, Green Canyon Block 18 and Ewing Bank Block 988 all under 100% working interests. The whole Green Canyon field covers 16494 acres with an assurance of providing space for resource productivity.

With all the business expansions and production diversity plans, Talos Energy is aiming to be a market leader currently with active operations in the United States, shallow waters of Mexico and Gulf of Mexico all rich in oil and gas. Jason Hope, the company’s Installation Manager, hopes to increase productivity thrice as much by 2023.

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Nick Vertucci, Real Estate Expert and Entrepreneur

Nick Vertucci is the Company Executive Officer of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy is one of the fastest growing real-estate schools for those looking to learn this trade in the United States. As a result of his own personal success in real estate, he offers his skills and expertise to the public at his real-estate academy. The skills he has acquired throughout his experience are taught to attendees in order to benefit their start in real estate and further their individual portfolios.

During an interview with Vertucci, he spoke about the idea for his real-estate academy. He stated that the idea was sparked from his own struggle with real estate. He attended a 3-day real-estate class during his times of finical difficulties. He was transitioning businesses at the time and therefore was in need of guidance for his new real estate business venture. Once his business began to take off and flourish, he then realized his knowledge acquired through real life experience would be beneficial to others beginning their real-estate career in the market. He began administering his advice through his own radio talk show called “The Real Estate Investing Hour.”

Following his success on radio, he initiated his academy in 2014. He set out to accomplish his goal of providing the highest quality of real estate training currently offered in the market. During a typical work day for Nick Vertucci, he focuses on the things that will drive his business upward and help him reach his goals. He stated that he does not put his attention towards the small and intricate details of business regarding personal minutia. Vertucci stated he strongly believes in the idea of executing an idea and putting in place a proper plan to successfully accomplish that goal.

Strategic advice he offers regarding the blueprint for success have been taken and used across the country during his highly informative real-estate academy. Vertucci says that most people do not actually believe that they are capable of succeeding. They allow their fears of failure to control their mindset. He believes in firmly trusting yourself and working hard to maintain confidence within yourself and your efforts. Nick Vertucci has kept a constant theme of success within his real-estate business and has taught many to create the same reality.

Dick DeVos: Aiming To Help People In Whatever Way He Can

When the state of Michigan decided to start up a number of improvements within the state, many of its prominent members decided to stand up in protest. One example of this was when the city of Grand Rapids had to undergo a number of developmental programs as a result of a decision to build a stadium within its limits. The justification was that the stadium could help the city net a considerable amount of money as a result of events and sponsorships. However, what the people behind this plan failed to realize was the number of hardships that could surface as a result of this.



As soon as Dick DeVos got word of this plan, he decided to take to the city council and present them with evidence on why this would not work. In this testimony, he gave the example of the city of Detriot, which also underwent a similar plan of development. While the city was known for being one of the bigger sporting destinations, the fact is that the city had to face a number of hardships as a result of it. There were several instances wherein the stadium was not being used, and was instead left to gather dust. This then started to have a bigger impact on the financial backing of the city, which ultimately led them to experience huge losses.



Being a Michigan native, DeVos did not want this to happen to his state as well. Because of this, he convinced the city council to use this space to build a number of recreational centers that would be used on a day to day basis by the people living here.



DeVos has always wanted to work towards the betterment of the people. Right from his early days as a professional, he always tried his very best to contribute to the welfare of society as a whole. This is something that he also shared with his wife, Betsy DeVos, who together sought to change the world, one philanthropic venture at a time.



One of the most philanthropic ventures that DeVos is known for was the establishment of his own organization known as the DeVos Family Foundation. This was an NGO that was designed to be able to extend the most help and support to those in need. DeVos knew that if he wanted to help as many people as he had envisioned, this is one of the best ways in which he would be able to do so. After spending a considerable amount of time working on the development of this organization, he was finally able to extend the help that he wanted people living in the state of Michigan.



There are many more endeavors that DeVos has been trying to take on when aiming to meet this goal and all of those stand as evidence to the fact that DeVos is someone who really wants to help everyone in need.


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Social Media and the Musical Success of Alex Pall

Social media nowadays is an undeniable source of exposure, fame and notoriety for almost everyone. When done right it can create stars, with the likes of Justine Bieber, Eric Nam and even the Chainsmokers. Though there are plenty of one hit wonders, however if an artist is creative and memorable they can definitely hit it big.

The case in point is the Chainsmokers. The DJing duo of Alex Pall and Andrea Taggart shot to fame with their electro-pop song #Selfie. Yet their momentum to fame has showed no sign of stopping. In fact, the group has garnered much fame and attention in a genre of music which is already quite crowded and full of amateur artists. What sets the team apart is their willingness to work on their craft constantly and prove their skill.

Social media also happens to play a vital role in their music as it is the platform that gave them the start. They realise the importance of connecting to their audience and use the various social media platforms effectively to their advantage. Alex Pall, for instance, claims that he knows exactly who their audience is and what they want. It is no longer enough for an artist to be creative. In this day and age they need to listen to and respond to the needs of their audience which is what the Chainsmokers have done and what really sets them apart from other short-lived social media sensations.

This connectivity also gives continuous and at times real time feedback. Posts on Twitter, Instagram and various such sites can tell artists what their audience’s likes and dislikes are. No longer are album sales and digital sales the sole gauge of an artist’s success and popularity. The social media outreach and presence are essential components in a changing music environment.



InnovaCare Health: Improving the Quality of Health in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is one of the offshore dependencies of the United States, and InnovaCare Health is known as the leading medical provider on the island. The company was established by Rick Shinto, who envisioned his firm to be one of the most reliable health providers in the country. He established a medical provider firm because he wanted to help the locals in receiving medical insurance that would cover all of their medical expenses, improving their health drastically. The company currently provides health care services, and Rick Shinto hired several individuals who have an impressive background in the field of medicine. He wanted these people to work with him because he trusts in their capabilities running the company. Penelope Kokkinides is one of the newest executives hired by Rick Shinto. She has years’ worth of experience in the medical industry, and Rick Shinto appointed her to become the company’s chief operating officer. The quality of health in the island has been affected largely by the government’s excessive debts, and Rick Shinto wanted the assistance of these people to help him provide medical assistance to the most vulnerable individuals in the island.



Adding to the woes of the locals were the effects from the devastation brought upon by Hurricane Maria. This hurricane is considered one of the most intense and strongest hurricanes on record, and it devastated the whole island, leaving communities isolated from one another, and access to healthcare difficult. According to official reports, more than 3,000 people have already died because of the lack of medical assistance. It has become a humanitarian crisis for the people of Puerto Rico, and they do not know how they can get help. Rick Shinto sent several representatives of the InnovaCare Health to Washington D.C., including Penelope Kokkinides, and asked them to speak with the Federal Government to come up with a solution regarding the territory’s growing issues regarding their access to medical services. For more info you can visit openminds.com



Penelope Kokkinides held a meeting with President Donald Trump, discussing the present situation in the island. The president promised her that help would be given to the people of Puerto Rico, and the federal government will look into some ways on how medical assistance can be provided on the island. He also promised that through InnovaCare Health, several insurance programs would be given to the locals, helping them get through their issues with their health, and improving the quality of life in the island. To see more visit crunchbase.com



See more: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/new-jersey-based-careone-and-innovacare-continue-providing-assistance-to-victims-of-hurricane-maria-300534504.html



OSI Industries: A Friend to the Environment and a Family to Communities from Different Cultures

Home is where the heart is, and OSI Industries has many homes due to its expansion into new territories. When a company is best at what they do at home, new horizons consistently invite them. The story of this industry is a tale of conquering the home base first and then extending beyond their borders.

In Chicago, OSI’s acquisition of Tyson Foods not only met the chicken demand but also opened a world of opportunities for new products. In Europe, the best got a hold on the best and Creative Foods Europe is now part and parcel of OSI Industries. In Spain, the OSI is the reason poultry, beef and pork are served at dinner tables. These acquisitions were incomplete without the Dutch touch, and Baho Food is now the newest major purchase of OSI. Partnerships are the reason companies fail or succeed. The company has perfected the art of identifying companies thriving by their right and giving them new platforms to soar higher. While the companies are in different geographical areas, the company buys into the surrounding culture. Conquering the culture is the reason the company has clients and employees it calls family.

OSI Industries is the revolution in the food industry. Their competitors are yet to catch up especially with the company’s new trend in sustainable production. They deal with challenges head-on, and for this reason, they remain on the map as the biggest innovators in the food industry. While companies are straining with environmental burdens, the managers at OSI are busy developing strategies and technology for environmental protection. Environmental degradation is a monster that the company enjoys beating each time, with numerous Environmental Awards to show for it. The best thing about caring for the environment is that it reciprocates in a big way. OSI is among the top companies with a regular green budget. The company learned that the environment gives back what it is given and it chose the best.

More about OSI Industries

It traces its origins back to a small butchery in the 18th century Chicago. Originally a family business, it still runs as a family unit cemented not by blood but by respect and a shared vision. It operates in seventeen countries. It has more than sixty processing facilities in different locations. OSI’s most significant achievement is not their rapid expansion in major cities but a dedication to quality and health standards. This dedication has earned them a reputation that will define the industry for centuries to come. Excellence begins at OSI.

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Talkspace Online Therapy Offers Exclusive Advantages over Traditional Therapy

Whether it is a troubled relationship you are going through or any kind of tragic event, rest assured that with the help of a professional therapist, it would become easier for you to cope with the stress. At times, the professional life becomes so hectic that the amount of stress negatively impacts their lives. If you want to make sure that stress and anxiety you are facing doesn’t convert into a long-term illness, then you have to make sure that you consult with a therapist immediately. However, if there is no therapist nearby or if you do not have sufficient funds to consult with a therapist, then you must take the help of Talkspace. It is a mobile therapy app that would let you consult with a professional therapist through your phone itself without the need to go anywhere.

Talkspace is a convenient option for those who do not have a lot of time to go for the in-office consultation. Make sure that you register at Talkspace at the earliest to start your therapy soon if you are facing any mental health issues. Prevention is better than cure, and it is essential that you do not delay the treatment for mental health problems. It would be much easier for you to focus on your professional and personal life as well as stay happy when your mental health is in the good state. The negativity can overwhelm you if you let it and it would lead to depression. Make sure you register today at Talkspace and consult with the leading mental health specialists there. They would be able to provide you with the long-lasting solution on how to get rid of mental health issues.

Michael Phelps shared his story of depression and anxiety with reporters and the people around the world. He wants to become an inspiration for people who are afraid to seek therapy even though they need it. Michael Phelps was also hesitant in getting help, but when he saw that it was affecting his life, he wanted to do something about it. He also appeared in one of the promotional campaigns for Talkspace recently.

Wes Edens the Investment Mastermind

Wes Edens also known as Wesley Robert Edens is a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group founded in 1998 with five others. His investment style was described as one of creative financing by a Wall Street Journal in 2007 also named as ‘New King of Subprime Lending. This was after the purchase of Springfield Financial Services, a subprime lender by Fortress Investment Group at the request of Edens. There was also another purchase of subprime mortgage lender, of which he is its current chairman.

He serves Fortress Investment Group as its co-chief executive officer, co-chairman, head of private equity, president of private equity, principal, and private equity chief investment officer. This wildly successful career was prepared by pursuing a Bachelors of Finance and Administration at Oregon State University in 1984.

Before founding Fortress Investment Group he was a partner at BlackRock Financial Management Inc, and also its managing director. Wes Edens held similar positions similar positions at Lehman Brothers. Thus the founders came with vast experience with an aim to craft an “alternative-asset” strategy. This was done by raising private equity and investing in revolutionary medium. One of the first investment was in real estate with a growth from $500 million to $3.5 billion being felt.

Wes Edens has come up with an improved way of getting around Florida. Gridlocks have rendered it impossible to commute for less than an hour from Miami to Florida. Fortress Investment Group owns the rail systems. Being the only privately owned passenger train in the country, Brightline took its 30 Minute inaugural trip on May 2018 with passengers enjoying it facilities inclusive of free Wi-Fi and food service.

Media, healthcare, financial services, real estate, transportation, and infrastructure are among the different industries that Wes Edens invests in. He and Nassef Sawiris, a billionaire businessman, have purchased the controlling stake, Aston Villa, a football club, with an aim of a full takeover. Villa has been said to be making loses of 5 million Euros per month while it actually needs a whooping 75 million Euros to operate. To be clear-cut, the two own NSWE the company with a majority stake of the team.