The Success Story of Arthur Becker and Todd Lubar

Real estate investment is a sector that demands a lot of effort, competence and hard work. It is for this reason that whoever invests in the industry tends to become broadly recognized. Additionally, the results from the field are, however, satisfactory.

It is for this reason that the achievements of individuals such as Arthur Becker and Todd Lubar are worth appreciation. Arthur currently serves as one of the members of management. He has worked in different capacities in various companies. It implies the source of his abilities to ensure success in all that he undertakes inclusive of bringing up Tribeca’s classic residential.

The recognition of Todd Lubar concerns his service in different capacities in various Business institutions. Notably, he presently occupies the presidential position at the TDL VENTURES, LLC. That adds up to her role as the Legendary Investments’ Sr. VP.

It is worth acknowledging the fact that he has enormous experience from his service at different positions earlier on. Before getting to his current position of duty, he worked at the Legacy Financial group as well as Crestar Mortgage Corporation. In the course of his service, he facilitated the growth of the Maryland Legacy Financial office. The growth led to the attainment that entailed many millions of dollars annually in consideration to the loan volume.

Additionally, he became a holder of the Senior Vice President’s post at the Charter Funding. He served in this position until the year 2007.

Remarkably, his ventures emerged successful alongside the provision of support to facilitate the quick advancement of acquirement, the renovation as well as getting money through making sales. The business, in this case, was in conjunction with the deals of the 200 plus business.

As well, Todd Lubar has an excellent academic record. He earlier on joined the Sidwell Friends School before moving to Peddie School. The location of the latter is in New Jersey.

Later on, he pursued his University education at Syracuse University. He graduated from the University in the year 1995. He is, therefore, a degree holder from the University in the field of Speech Communication.

Thus, he has a significant experience. He also serves as a role model to the current and the future generations alongside working hard to achieve their best. Read more about Todd on

Todd Lubar, the go-to-guy in Baltimore’s Real Estate Sector

The term “real estate expert” is used quite often these days. Many of those given this title, however, are not deserving of it. Fortunately, that cannot be said of Todd Lubar. Having operated in Baltimore’s real estate sector in various capacities over the last two decades, it is safe to say that he is the true embodiment of this title.

Mr. Lubar recently provided greater insight into his journey and outlook for the real estate sector in Baltimore through a series interviews published in Baltimore currently finds itself in a peculiar, but somewhat positive, crossroads. While the city’s population is going down, that of one key demographic, young professional, is going up. As a result, the real estate developments undertaken in the city in recent times have been targeted at making it more accommodating to business people. Full-service housing communities have sprung up all over the city, particularly near the commercial areas. For example, to draw in this younger, professional clientele, a number of shopping complexes and dining establishment have been set up in Harbor East. In a report by, Mr. Lubar also notes that there will be increased developments in condominium apartments. As a result, there will be increased demolitions of old and historic buildings in the city.

Todd’s insights are based on decades of finance and real estate experience. He currently serves at the helm of TDL Ventures, while also running a number of real estate businesses, including a demolition business. A graduate of Syracuse University, his first job in the real estate sector was at Mortgage Corporation. He then changed professions, working briefly in the finance and credit sector with Legacy Financial Group. Add to that he was consistently named among the top mortgage originators in the country and it is not surprising to see why many home-buyers consider him the go-to-guy in Baltimore.