Jose AuriemoNeto- Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of JHSF

Jose AuriemoNeto is an accomplished real estate investor in Brazil. He is the CEO of JHSF real estate development company. This company was established in 1972 as a construction company by two brothers, one being the father of the current CEO. In 1990, JHSF was incorporated and split up into. Fabio Auriemo decided to create a real estate company. In 1993, he invited his son Jose AuriemoNeto to join the management. In 1997, Jose AuriemoNeto was behind a parking lot management company that was are running under JHSF. A few years later, he was left in charge of the company by his father, and under his excellent leadership, the company grew into a leading firm in the real estate sector.

Today, JHSF specializes in the development of high-end residential and commercial real estate projects. They are actively involved in the development of hotels and restaurants, office buildings, airports, and shopping malls. Jose AuriemoNeto proved his expertise abilities to run a business after he established a service department in 1997. In 1988, he went ahead to secure rights to construct the first shopping center. As soon as he had permission to develop a shopping mall, he engaged in the process of creating Shopping Metro Santa Cruz, the first shopping mall in Brazil. Today, JHSF has four major shopping centers in the largest cities of Brazil.

There is Shopping Bella Vista, Shopping CidadeJardim, Shopping Ponta Negra, and Caterina Fashion Outlet. JHSF under the leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto is also involved in the development of executive airports. In 2016, JHSF was part of the companies that developed an executive airport in Sao Paulo. The company is currently going beyond the borders and setting up real estate development projects in New York and Uruguay. Jose AuriemoNeto seems to be looking into the international market for future growth of the company. Under his leadership, JHSF has grown into the biggest and one of the most successful real estate companies in Brazil. Going into the future, he is keen to embrace partnership with top international brands that will create more profits for the company.


Meet Paul Mampilly: The Investment Expert

Paul Mampilly is an investor who has almost 25 years of investing in almost in all kind of jobs in the field of finance. He serves as a senior editor of various financial investment newsletters among them Profits Unlimited. Paul Mampilly got his MBA from Fordham University and clearly has put into good use his education. Paul Mampilly commenced his first career on Wall Street in 1991 where served as an assistant manager of Bankers Trust portfolio. His journey from Wall Street to Main Street made him develop a passion for helping people to protect and build wealth. The ideas that he generates are based on the special and proprietary method ta he created more than 25 years ago using his own hands on trade and investment experience. Investment expert Mampilly believes that the most successful investors are those that always think differently.

Paul Mampilly has covered healthcare and biotech as a portfolio manager and analyst for noteworthy international banks such as ING, Banker’s Trust and Deutsche Bank. In 2008, he was a part of a team that managed a $6 billion hedge fund and a $23 billion mutual fund which was named by Barron’s as one of the best hedge funds in the investment world. Mampilly’s notable list of clients includes Swiss private banks, European aristocracy and Templeton Foundation. Among this list of important clients is also Fortune 500 companies such as Sears and big banks such as the Royal Bank of Scotland. In 2016, Mampilly joined Banyan Hill Publishing and more than 90,000 people signed up for his newsletter Profits Unlimited, a newsletter that each month details new investment opportunities including the renown “model portfolio” which he personally tracks and lists several various stocks that e recommends the readers to buy.

Today Mampilly is a part of the vast finance world and works as both an investment researcher and analyst. What makes Paul Mampilly an authority in the finance industry is his verified track of record in helping individuals and investors make money. One can say that he greatly enjoys helping people to make money. He teaches people how to get the full benefit of their money in order to improve their lives. From his newsletters, he provides sensible and stable advice as well as his investment tips that help his audience to prosper. He is also featured in business news television such as CNBC, Fox Business News, and Bloomberg TV.

Heriot-Watt University Sponsorship Program by University Alumni Gareth Henry

Heriot-Watt University is a re-known university based in the U.K. It is a leading university that focuses on research and provides education all over the world. The university announced the availability of a funded scholarship for undergraduate students. Gareth J. Henry, alumni of Heriot-Watt University that graduated in the year 2001 is offering bursaries for selected students and also the alumni is providing one-to-one mentoring and coaching for the students that will be interested in order to develop and enhance their careers. The alumni went on to add that he would offer a bit of help to the students as they graduated on career advice and also advice on getting a job. He went on to add that he hoped that other graduates may realize what they could gain through studying and hard work in Actuarial sciences.

Gareth Henry currently resides in New York, NY where he has worked for over a decade in major roles. He has served as a managing director, global head investor and also a partner in different firms like Angelo and Gordon & Co. According to Mr. Henry, the key factor that led to his success is obtaining a top degree from a good university. The degree he got gave him a boost in his career and he was able to get a better understanding of the investment world. Gareth Henry explains the importance of Actuarial Math that is provided in Heriot-Watt especially to the graduates that hope to work in finance sectors in future.

Gareth Henry believes the universities’ impeccable education processes and great lessons will be very useful. The degree in actuarial science of Heriot-Watt University is one of the few to be recognized by the UK actuarial profession.

All this explains why Mr. Henry decided to give back to the society by starting the Gareth Henry Access Bursary. This program will greatly offer a great deal of fantastic opportunities to students. The scholarship program is will involve undergraduates with financial needs who need this sponsorship to help them advance in their careers.

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New Residential Investment Corp Company Profile

New Residential Investment Corp is an investment trust focused on real estate and other opportunistic investments. The firm offers services such as the management and investing in residential real estate. It was founded in 2011 and is based in New York. Its primary investment targets are excess MSRs, servicer advances, and nonagency RMBS or residential mortgage backed securities. Michael Nierenberg is the current CEO, President, and Chairman of the firm. He had experience working with big companies such as JP Morgan, Bank of Merril Lynch, and Bear Stearns. Joining him in leading the firm is Nicola Santoro, who is the Chief Financial Officer and the treasurer. Santoro is known for serving as the Chief accounting officer of FXCM from 2012 to 2015.

Another executive of the New Residential Investment Corp is Jonathan Brown, who is the Chief Accounting Officer. New Residential Investment Corp is dedicated to making value by using proven best investment techniques and to deliver stronger dividends to their shareholders. The firm is abiding by their objectives by targeting assets that can provide long term cash flows and can thrive on high-interest rates. As of 2018, the firm succeeded in giving $0.50 per common share dividends to their stockholders for the first and second quarter. A fourth quarter dividend was also announced before the year ends, with the record date set to December 31 and the ex-date set to December 28.

The dividend will be released this month at 25th. Annual yield for the first and second quarter is said to be 12.2% and 11.4% respectively. New Residential Investment Group is also known to be guided by an affiliate of Fortress Investment Group LLC. This affiliate is said to be a highly diversified global alternative investment manager and has $58 billion of assets on his care. The firm’s acquisition of Shellpoint Partners has been completed last year. Plans for acquisition for $192 million has been announced last 2017. Shellpoint is a vertically integrated mortgage platform based in New York. According to Seeking Alpha, this acquisition helped the New Residential Investment Corp to finally be able to fully own MSRs. With this growth, it is expected that the firm will even evolve more in the future.

Growth and Expansion of OSI Industries

OSI Group continues to enjoy tremendous growth since its inception over 30 years ago. Establishment of dynamic partnerships has enabled the company to be profitable over the years. In line with the vision of OSI, which is to meet and exceed customer satisfaction, the management ensures high-quality standards are followed in the production process for the benefit of the customers. OSI Group is looking on ways to expand its activities to have a global presence and serve many customers.In August 2016, OSI Group purchased controlling stock in Baho Food. Baho Food has processing plants in Germany and the Netherlands and has five subsidies. Flagship Europe was also acquired in 2016 to take over the company’s production of frozen poultry, pies and condiments. OSI has a diverse range of products and services and the main focus now is to increase production and sales.

OSI industries also purchased a company named Tyson Foods, which was about to be closed down due to increased production costs. The purchase of this production plant enabled many employees to retain their jobs, which would have been lost had the company shut down.The success of OSI Group in food production over the years can be attributed to the company’s careful product development, marketing strategies and the ability to create valuable partnerships. OSI Industries carefully studies the needs and requirements of the market before heavily investing its resources. OSI Group’s secret to remain innovative food provider is the ability of the company to adapt to changing business environment and paying attention to the needs of the customers.

The use of modern technology in manufacturing facilities has also been important in its expansion process. X-ray equipment and metal detectors are often used in OSI Industries to detect foreign materials and eliminate them during the production process. The measures OSI Industries take to ensure high quality production has made the company to maintain its position in the international market. In November 2016, OSI Industries won a prestigious Globe of Honor Award for its exemplary management of environmental risks. The award, which was presented by the British Safety Council is usually awarded to outstanding global organizations that demonstrate excellence in environmental management.

Wes Edens the Investment Mastermind

Wes Edens also known as Wesley Robert Edens is a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group founded in 1998 with five others. His investment style was described as one of creative financing by a Wall Street Journal in 2007 also named as ‘New King of Subprime Lending. This was after the purchase of Springfield Financial Services, a subprime lender by Fortress Investment Group at the request of Edens. There was also another purchase of subprime mortgage lender, of which he is its current chairman.

He serves Fortress Investment Group as its co-chief executive officer, co-chairman, head of private equity, president of private equity, principal, and private equity chief investment officer. This wildly successful career was prepared by pursuing a Bachelors of Finance and Administration at Oregon State University in 1984.

Before founding Fortress Investment Group he was a partner at BlackRock Financial Management Inc, and also its managing director. Wes Edens held similar positions similar positions at Lehman Brothers. Thus the founders came with vast experience with an aim to craft an “alternative-asset” strategy. This was done by raising private equity and investing in revolutionary medium. One of the first investment was in real estate with a growth from $500 million to $3.5 billion being felt.

Wes Edens has come up with an improved way of getting around Florida. Gridlocks have rendered it impossible to commute for less than an hour from Miami to Florida. Fortress Investment Group owns the rail systems. Being the only privately owned passenger train in the country, Brightline took its 30 Minute inaugural trip on May 2018 with passengers enjoying it facilities inclusive of free Wi-Fi and food service.

Media, healthcare, financial services, real estate, transportation, and infrastructure are among the different industries that Wes Edens invests in. He and Nassef Sawiris, a billionaire businessman, have purchased the controlling stake, Aston Villa, a football club, with an aim of a full takeover. Villa has been said to be making loses of 5 million Euros per month while it actually needs a whooping 75 million Euros to operate. To be clear-cut, the two own NSWE the company with a majority stake of the team.