Juan Perez Thirst for Change in the Sports and Music Sector

The United States’ power family in the states’ music industry recently took the world by surprise when they released their album EVERYTHING IS LOVE. When the album was exclusively released on Tidal some months ago, it was received with a lot of enthusiasm by millions of fans who have been loyal to both BeyoncĂ© and Jay for years. In the album, the power couple emphasized their love and appreciation to all friends who have always had their backs for decades. In most of the songs in the ‘Everything is Love’ album, Jay Z was able to give a big shout out to all his friends who have had his back from the time he was entering the music industry to date.

Among the friends that Jay Z thanked most in his songs is Juan Perez who has been close friends with him since 1996. Juan Perez was introduced to Jay Z by Kareem “Biggs” Burke who started the now outdated Roc-A-Fella. When the two met, their passion for New York City sports and music strengthen their relationship. Juan Perez has made a lot of investments with the hip-hop king, Jay Z, ever since they met. In one of the interviews the Roc Nation president, Juan Perez, pointed out that his friendship with Jay Z became stringer when they realized that they were both determined to make a positive impact on the New York City’s sports and music department.

According to the two friends, music and sports were the same in various ways and if the two were brought together then some major changes shall be witnessed. Determined to see dreams through Jay Z and Juan Perez collaborated to start Roc Nation which was going to support all musicians and sportsmen in New York City. Under the leadership of the ambitious and hardworking Juan Perez, Roc Nation has assisted a lot of athletes in New York by providing them all the resources and motivations they need in order to achieve great things in the world of athletics. The Roc Nation as also is able to advocate for the rights and interests of artists especially those in the music industry for a long time.

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