Social Media and the Musical Success of Alex Pall

Social media nowadays is an undeniable source of exposure, fame and notoriety for almost everyone. When done right it can create stars, with the likes of Justine Bieber, Eric Nam and even the Chainsmokers. Though there are plenty of one hit wonders, however if an artist is creative and memorable they can definitely hit it big.

The case in point is the Chainsmokers. The DJing duo of Alex Pall and Andrea Taggart shot to fame with their electro-pop song #Selfie. Yet their momentum to fame has showed no sign of stopping. In fact, the group has garnered much fame and attention in a genre of music which is already quite crowded and full of amateur artists. What sets the team apart is their willingness to work on their craft constantly and prove their skill.

Social media also happens to play a vital role in their music as it is the platform that gave them the start. They realise the importance of connecting to their audience and use the various social media platforms effectively to their advantage. Alex Pall, for instance, claims that he knows exactly who their audience is and what they want. It is no longer enough for an artist to be creative. In this day and age they need to listen to and respond to the needs of their audience which is what the Chainsmokers have done and what really sets them apart from other short-lived social media sensations.

This connectivity also gives continuous and at times real time feedback. Posts on Twitter, Instagram and various such sites can tell artists what their audience’s likes and dislikes are. No longer are album sales and digital sales the sole gauge of an artist’s success and popularity. The social media outreach and presence are essential components in a changing music environment.